3 Annual Glorious Cross Pilgrimages :

  • March 28th, First apparition of the Glorious Cross to Madeleine,
  • September 14th - Feast of the Glorious Cross,
  • November: Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the liturgical year.

Year 2023, Tuesday, March 28, Thursday, September 14 and Sunday, November 26

  • Pilgrims are welcomed on a daily basis, the site is open at all times.

at 2.30 p.m. Daily prayer (2 p.m. on the 1st Friday of the month)

For individuals, groups and pilgrims' buses, the reception can be assured during the week and on Sundays.


Feast of the Glorious Cross September 14, 2023:

Haute Butte program :

Thursday, September 14 and Saturday, September 16 : Stations of the Cross at 11 a.m. and prayers from 1:30 p.m. and procession to the Bassin de la Purification

Sunday September 17 : Mass in the churches of Dozulé, Lisieux,... From 1:30pm Prayers and Procession to the Bassin de la Purification


Pilgrimage on March 28, 2023 Numerous pilgrims from all over France, in coaches, cars,... as well as coaches from Belgium and Holland, came to pray together and repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, before moving on to the Basin of Purification.

After the pilgrimage, around a hundred pilgrims gathered to listen to Angela's talk---------------------------

Feast of Christ the King Sunday, November 20, 2022 This Sunday, November 20, after the Way of the Cross under the rain at 11:00 am, and the clear sky in the afternoon allowed several hundred pilgrims who came by bus, car, ... to meet.Some of them were happy to be able to be present for the first time after the Covid period, and to pray together on this blessed land, from 2 pm and to participate in the procession to the Basin of the Purification.

Feast of the Glorious Cross September 14, 2022 This Wednesday, September 14, on a rather beautiful autumn day, several hundred pilgrims went to the High Butte to pray at the foot of the Cross and at the Basin of the Purification.

Pilgrimage of Monday, March 28, 2022 During the 26th, 27th and 28th of March, on these three beautiful sunny days, about 1500 Pilgrims were welcomed on the Haute Butte coming from all regions of France and abroad to ensure the pilgrimage throughout the weekend:

Unfortunately the Church of Dozulé remained closed all day on 28 March, on this 50th anniversary! and neither the Pilgrims nor the parishioners were able to benefit from the usual mass or to come and meditate. Fortunately the prayers of the many faithful on the Haute Butte were of a rare fervour.


The Pilgrimage of September 14, 2021 feast of the Glorious Cross, took place on a beautiful sunny day at the end of summer, in the presence of many pilgrims came to collect themselves, happy to find themselves on this blessed place after 2 years of difficulties.


The Pilgrimage of March 27 and 28, 2021 Palm Sunday and 49th anniversary of the apparition of the Glorious Cross on March 28, 1972, despite the sanitary restrictions and the closing of the entrances to the Site on March 27, a hundred pilgrims were able to come and pray on the high mound on March 27 and 28, while respecting the sanitary instructions, the gendarmerie controls were able to verify these respect of the rules.

The Pilgrimage of November 21, 2021 feast of Christ the King, a few dozen pilgrims braved the cold and rain to gather at the foot of the Glorious Cross before going in procession to the Basin of Purification.


Pilgrimage Feast of Christ the King on Sunday, November 22, 2020: cancelled (due to lockdown)

Pilgrimage of September 13 and 14, 2020 : Despite some sanitary constraints, the numerous pilgrims gathered for this pilgrimage were able to worship under a mild and very sunny sky.

The Pilgrimage of March 28 and 29, 2020, did not take place, because of confinement, but more than a hundred known people, across the country, were able to pray at 3 pm in association with M.H., who represented us at the Butte.


Sunday Pilgrimage November 24, 2019 - Feast of Christ the King
Under wet and cold skies several hundred Pilgrims gathered at the foot of the Cross for afternoon prayers and the Procession to the Basin of the Purification.

Pilgrimage of September 14, 2019 More than 600 Pilgrims came to pray at the foot of the Glorious Cross of the High Butte, on this Saturday when the weather was cool but dry. Sunday, September 15 also saw the arrival of many Pilgrims in buses and cars, for another day of prayers at the foot of the Cross and the Purification Basin.

Pilgrimage of March 28, 2019 In this first pilgrimage of the year, after the mass in the Church of Dozulé, more than 1200 people met to pray at the foot of the Cross, on the High Butte. Many cars, minibuses and buses came from all over France, Portugal and Belgium, for this day of Pilgrimage under a partially sunny sky.