La Glorious Cross of Dozulé

You are on the Site de la Croix Glorieuse de Dozulé which aims to make known the Message of Christ received by Madeleine AUMONT in Dozulé.

Christ asked Madeleine to raise a Cross in his apparitions (1972 - 1982)

The Glorious Cross of Dozulé is a cross of light requested by the Lord from the Church, through visitations to Madame Madeleine AUMONT, a French citizen (1924-2016) from the commune of Dozulé in Normandy, between March 28, 1972 and August 6, 1982.

" This city, My Father has blessed and hallowed, and all who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, I will raise in the Spirit of My Father. " There they will find Peace and Joy" (Friday May 15, 1975, 31st apparition)

The request also covers the construction of a Sanctuary:

" Tell the priest to have the Glorious Cross raised there and a shrine built at its foot. All will come to repent and find Peace and Joy there ". (Thursday December 7, 1972, 3rd apparition).

Purification basin

And a Purification Basin from which water will gush out, to wash oneself as a sign of purification:

" The Glorious Cross raised on the High Butte must be comparable to the city of Jerusalem in its vertical dimension. Its arms must reach from East to West. It must be of great luminosity... This is the sign of the Son of Man... Dig a hole a hundred meters from the site of the Glorious Cross, in the direction of its right arm, and water will come out. You will all come and wash in it as a sign of purification..." (Friday, October 5, 1973, 11th apparition).

The Lord invites everyone to repent and know Him.

His messages to Madeleine AUMONT, the mother of five children, were clear, gentle and full of warnings for 6 and a half years: "...You are living in the time of Evil's supreme effort against Christ. Satan is released from his prison. He occupies the whole face of the earth ". (Friday, November 2, 1973, 12th apparition).

"A change is at hand, such as has not been since the beginning of the world to this day, and never will be again. When the predicted calamity of drought descends upon the whole world, only the pool that God has caused to be dug will contain water, not for drinking, but for you to wash in as a sign of purification. And you will all come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which God asks the Church to raise. "(Friday November 1st 1974, 21st apparition).

It's up to the Church as a whole to obey, and each of us in his or her place bears the responsibility of informing and realizing in order to put Christ's words into practice. :

" Sin came into the world because of man. That's why I ask man to raise up the Glorious Cross ". (Good Friday, March 28, 1975, 20th apparition). There's no doubt that this path is a difficult one, fraught with questions, doubts and pitfalls of every kind. But every difficulty needs to be lived in His honor, accepted and transformed.

This path is also the only credible one, because the more the attacks of Evil are felt, the more we have proof of our veracity and His truth.

" Remember, do not fear the humiliations, backbiting and mockery that will rise against you. You will be hated for My Name's sake, but persevere to the end. " (Good Friday, March 28, 1975, 20th apparition).

the Church is slow to accomplish its task... but the pilgrims continue to flock because... " I will draw all to Myself. " (Friday May 3 1974, 16th apparition)

Since Pentecost 1981, prayers dictated by Christ have been a daily occurrence on Haute-Butte .

Thirty years later, to establish a link with the Church, Father Hubert de BALLORE, parish priest of Dozulé, in the presence of Mgr Jean-Claude BOULANGER, Bishop of Bayeux and Caen, in 2011, commissioned Mrs. M.H. on May 29, 2011 to welcome pilgrims.

In autumn 2019, the Diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux, through the Association Diocésaine de Bayeux-Lisieux, became the owner of the land at Haute Butte, which belonged to the Avoyne family.