Madeleine AUMONT, a seamstress from Normandy, was a mother of five children when, on the 28 th of March 1972, she saw a large luminous Cross in the sky, above the site call Upper Hill (Haute Butte in french) in Dozulé.

Dozulé is a small market town in Normandy Dozulé, and it is located 200 km west of Paris and 25 km from Lisieux or Caen.

Madeleine AUMONT had 50 apparitions between March 1972 and August 1982, whose privileged witnesses were the Sisters of Saint Joseph School and Father Lhorset, Parish Priest of Dozulé.

To learn more about the life of Madeleine AUMONT and the Message of the apparitions, you can read her notebooks entitled

"Cahiers de Madeleine AUMONT" : full diary of the apparitions of Jesus in Dozulé."

It is the daily newspapers that announced the death of Madeleine AUMONT; it was a very emotionally intense moment.Madeleine was 92 years old, she was a very simple woman, married and mother of 5 children and who was the Lord's privileged one. It was to her that He gave the vision of His Cross which was followed by the words "You will make this Cross known and you will wear it" (First apparition - Tuesday the 28 th of March 1972).

She wore this cross for years, she suffered in silence without ever complaining about the mockery and voluntary silences of the hierarchy of the Church, who, curiously accepted that she taught catechism to the children of Dozulé for 15 years.

Christ himself appeared to her in the sisters' chapel from 1972 to 1978 on the first Friday of each month. As a result of these immense graces, in the evening, she locked herself up at home in the bathroom, and there with the help of the Holy Spirit, she wrote down everything that the Lord had dictated to her.

Madeleine AUMONT passed away on Wednesday 27 January 2016 in Lisieux Hospital. Her funeral, in the presence of all her children and relatives, took place on Tuesday 2 February at 2.30pm in the Church of Dozulé. A crowd from all walks of life was present, not hiding their emotion. The church, although very large, was full and all lit up; this was not usual. The Sermon of the priest who officiated was remarkable in every way.

"Humanity will not find peace until it knows My message and puts it into practice" (Thirty-sixth apparition - the 25th of December 1975).